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Expand Your Territory is a program for content creators that helps them identify, develop, package, and profit from their intellectual assets. Toolie® Garner, your Chief Content Explorer, can work with you individually or with your organization to chart a course for your content. As an "idea person" or "idea organization," you have concepts, processes, and materials that are unique. These are the kinds of "intellectual assets" that Toolie likes to help individuals and organizations identify, capture, develop, and protect.

Still Stuck in Your Head?

Perhaps those big, life-changing ideas have been rolling around in your mind for months, maybe even years. You want to share them with the world, but like so many people, the "urgent" overwhelms the "important" things in your business life, and your content ideas continue languish in the shadows. You are not alone!

Perhaps you feel like your ideas aren't ready for prime time, so you spend time writing and re-writing the content, with no sense of progress. It's frustrating! Maybe it's time to get some help clarifying your thoughts and organizing your ideas. If you would like to develop and profit from your ideas in ways you are not doing currently, or have not previously considered, then you've come to the right place.

Who Can Benefit from the Expand Your Territory Program?


You're already creating and customizing your speeches, workshops, and events; let's capture and repurpose that content into a book or training, or other formats that can make you money.


You've written at least one book; now you may be ready to expand the original ideas into workbooks, training, workshops, and perhaps into public speaking. Toolie can help you decide what will most profitably extend your influence and improve your bottom line.


As you've honed your consulting work into genuine expertise, you've undoubtedly defined a niche for yourself and created a process worth capturing. This program can help you capture your expertise and prepare it for consumption by potential customers in addition to your consulting clients.

Educators and Institutions

Do you have courseware that you want to put online but don't have the resources to assemble and produce it? There are inexpensive but effective delivery methods available for providing self-paced training, and Toolie can help you select, configure, and deliver it.


Your members have a wealth of professional knowledge that they're are probably willing to donate to your association to benefit fellow members. Toolie can help you find it, develop it, approve it, and make it available through your own website.

Other Idea People

There are many professions that want to document their training and group knowledge: attorneys, coaches, medical professionals, and more. Toolie is here to help you identify the best of the best, and to help you find ways to share and profit from that knowledge.

Are You Ready?

Not everyone is ready for the Expand Your Territory program; it's a journey into self-discovery and a commitment to grow your ideas. But if you're serious about developing and profiting from what you know, then let's have a strategy session about what's next for your content. Contact Toolie for more information and an application for the program.